Need Help Making Pitching Baseball Machine out of Vex IQ Pieces (WORKING)

Hello! I need a mentor to help us with a project for our robotics class. As we mentioned, we need a mentor to help us build a pitching machine out of Vex IQ Pieces.

I’m a fellow nerd, yet a baseball player and We are interested in making an automated yet advanced Pitching Machine. I was wondering if I could get a mentor for this and get some tips and have some conversations for assistance!

Please get back to us by starting a conversation with us on this forum or contacting us by email:

Have a nice day,
Max Eades
Ari Marmorstein.

Max / Ari~
Would 25mm vex balls work for your projectiles? If so, have you looked at any of the Hexbug builds?
I would suggest looking at

Ambush Striker:

or Snap Shot:

Other builds such as SwitchGrip or Crossfire might also provide ideas. All the build instructions are available from the Hexbug site as free downloads, and most can be built using standard vex pieces and a little ingenuity, so no need to even purchase them.


Thank you for your assistance @Vexatron! :slight_smile:

I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!

  • Max/Ari