NEED HELP robot c programing

Hi this is my second year with vex but first programing for competition. I need help with this line of code bStopTasksBetweenModes = true;
I’ve read over some articles but they are over my head can someone dumb down this line of code and explain what it is doing please.
bStopTasksBetweenModes = true;

Essentially it stops tasks between modes.

I haven’t personally used this function, but as it is said I would understand that it ceases the functionality of tasks between modes of driver control and autonomous.

It is used to end all user tasks between the different modes of the game. I don’t believe it would have any use in basic programming, and might even be illegal to disable, as I believe it is set in the competiton template.


I believe it stops all user code from running in the “disable” state when connected to field control.
Whilst the master processor probably stops motors from working in disable mode, I guess you can keep other tasks and so sensors (and probably even pneumatics) going in disable. It’s probably best to leave it to true to avoid any risk of accidentally violating any rules in a match.


Yeah leaving it alone is probably the best option, I believe using pneumatics during disable was ruled illegal.

It’s perfectly legal to disable; you just have to make sure that you deal with your own tasks and make sure you robot is properly disabled when the field tells you to.