Need help seeing how this is built together

hey guys!

just a simple question here, i’m just kinda confused on how to build this.

my original thought is that they just have a long screw going into the standoff and into the hole of the shaft collar.

i apologize in advance if this is a dumb question, i don’t have much experience with fusion, or all of this engineering stuff in general.

thanks !

Honestly I’m not sure. I’m quite confused as to what is even going on right there. Just, how? It looks exactly like what you but that wouldn’t work. Also you might want to update your catergorys since this is V5 and not IQ

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This is made using a coupler, which is supposed to be used to connect two standoffs. This trick is used to connect a c channel to a collar, which can be very useful.

Couplers can be found here:


thanks for replying!

sorry about the wrong tag thing…honestly i’m not very sure on how this forum works lol

dw, i’ll change it :+1:

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i don’t think we have couplers though…i’ll see what i can cook up lmao

thank you for replying, your post was very helpful :]


You’re fine! Don’t worry about it, we all make mistakes on here, especially when we’re new. It can be a bit complicated. It was just a heads up for next time.

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If you do it carefully, you can cut the head off of a screw and leave the threads intact, giving you a similar part.
We normally do it with hacksaw or dremel, and then screw a nut on the opposite end a few times to fix the threads.


Don’t. This is hard and likely to result in a bad part. Just buy some couplers.


i have made many of these before we could get couplers, and all of them had turned out perfect


My school has a rusty triangle file with no handle that has cut a few couplers. They take at least 10 minutes each to cut, which is very painful because we don’t have clamps or a vice unless I bring my own in. Our hacksaw doesn’t work for cutting screws because the screws are hardened steel, and the blade isn’t hard enough. Ultimately we just change our design approach to avoid requiring couplers. Buying -anything- is out of the question unless us students make it a donation.

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Can I ask you how you made it?

Tbh I’m still kinda confused on where the coupler would go and what the coupler would do.

Thanks :]

it is a double sided screw mainly used for putting two standoffs together
i cut the heads off of screws to make them, they do sell them though

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See here:
DR4B Structure K Bracing


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