Need help understand the vex schematics.

the microcontroller states:

Digital/Analog as Inputs
3 dB bandwidth of 150 kHz, weak pull-up of 470k-ohms to 5.0 volts,
need 0.0 to 0.6 volts for a low and 4.0 to 5.0 volts for a high


lol. My understanding is this: It needs .0 to .6 volts for a low RESOLUTION? signal… and 4 to 5 volts for a high RESOLUTION ?

My reason for asking is because I want to look at third party sensors and most of the sensors give specs like this one:

Thanks whoever can help me. Appreciate it.

When used as a digital input, the input voltage has to be below 0.6 volts to guarantee that the microprocessor sees it as a low (0), and the input voltage has to be greater than 4.0 volts in order to guarantee that the microprocessor sees it as a high (1).

If nothing is connected to the input, the input will read as 5.0 volts, because a 470K resistor is connected internally between the input and 5v.

The 3dB bandwith just means that the input won’t respond accurately to signals that change faster than 150kHz or so. That is a bit of a simplification, but maybe close enough.

By the way, I have used that Panasonic IR range finder on Vex and it works great!

Wow thanks, really appreciate it.

It seems so simple now lol.

When you used it, how accurate was it??