Need Help Updating VEXcode v5 Text

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to update VEXcode, but I cannot find the update in the about page, shown in the knowledge base. Thank You!

What is your current version?
Also are you using blocks, VR, or text

You can always access the latest version here:

The update just downloads and installs the latest version on top of the existing install.

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I am on V5 text, and on 1.0.4
Thank you!

That’s the latest version, you should be fine

Thank You! I was looking around and someone said they were on 1.0.6, and that some command only worked there. Thank you!

They may have meant vexos 1.0.6
Latest vexos is 1.0.10, but VEXcode will ask you to upgrade if the brain is on old firmware.

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Thank you @Nerdom, @tfriez, and @jpearman