Need help with Cortex!

Okay, so I am trying to use this cortex to try out my program on my robot, and it is a new cortex to me, and I don’t know if it is broken or not. So I first tried updating the cortex, and it did something, for a second, and then it said there was no connection to the cortex. I had a green blinking ROBOT light and a very fast green blinking GAME light, and the VEXnet light was off. I went into the troubleshooting guide and it said “The Cortex is currently running an Autonomous Only user code. If you want to use the VEXnet Joystick, download a VEXnet Enabled project such as the Default Code using the USB A-A Cable.” I have no clue what this talking about. I am just trying to test out some motors on the debugger window, and see if the motors function. Just something really, simple, nothing about autonomous, or anything that involves using a competition switch. I haven’t even downloaded my code, so that shouldn’t matter. I couldn’t get a connection to my cortex. I power cycled it, and still nothing. Does anyone know what is going on?

When you say you updated the Cortex, do you mean you tried updating the Master Firmware? or the RobotC firmware? or what? Were you using RobotC at the time to provide a debugger window? or what told you that “…there was no connection to the cortex…”?

And in saying “…it did something, for a second…” what do you mean? Did the motors move? or what was doing something?

I tried to update the cortex with the master firmware for the cortex, but it wouldn’t let me. It was saying no connection between cortex and computer. I was using robotc. I couldn’t even get the debugger window up, because nothing would download. What I meant by it did something for a second, was it seemed to start downloading the master firmware like it normally would, but then it cut off, and said there was no connection, and to make sure it was plugged into the computer, which it was. I tried power cycling, still nothing.

Never mind, I just tried using a new computer, and it worked. The cortex was giving off the same lights, but this time, it worked just fine and downloaded. Thanks anyway for your help.

Did you check that it’s set so that Platform Type >> Vex Cortex 2.0 ??

I think Platform Type is under the Robot tab at the top of your RobotC window. If Platform Type is not set to Vex Cortex 2.0, then I think you need to do something like Platform Type>> Innovation First >> Vex Cortex 2.0 .

Another possibility: normally you don’t need to connect a battery to your Cortex to upgrade the firmware, but I’ve heard of some cases where it helps if the laptop does not provide enough power through its ports.

Something else: try View >> Select Communication Port. Click on Automatic Selection and see if that doesn’t jolt your computer into remembering to set the com port properly.

Yep, I had made sure all of that was correct, and I had a battery. But I was able to make it work by trying a different computer. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.