Need help with Design

What would be the best way to go for In the Zone??
Our team is split between strength, speed, or a little of both. We kinda have a design for each of these.

Strength: Have it mainly for putting cones on mobile goals and after stacked so high we move them in one of the zones.

Speed: Like most teams we have the speed idea where we go and grab one cone at a time and placing them in the zones.

Both: We have an idea for this… we thought of making it a strong claw but with a little speed… we thought about having a platform on the robot for the mobile goal for us to easily pick up a cone and place it on the mobile goal on the robot and later in picking it up from the bot to the zones and have some speed in there to move around quickly

Could really use more input on this I think most people will go for the speed which is why we would like to find a more creative way to do This be competition

Honestly there are some many threads like this that you might be better of just adding your opinion to those.

Really I think most preplanning that can be done through the forums has been done. Strategy won’t really be able to be tested or expanded upon until competitions start happening. Look out for our friends in South & East Asia. Their season takes place over the summer and spills into late fall.

The best thing you can do is have a steady mobile goal subsystem, and quickly fill it with cones. Score in the highest possible zone. Repeat.

In the early -mid season, you really want to focus on the mobile goals, make sure you can do them effectively, consistently, and fast. a mobile goal only bot is guaranteed 50 points by themselves, and can also play defense quite well. if you are doing mobile goal only, focus on simplicity. if you want a capable robot, make sure you can stack about 5 cones relatively fast, and consistently while not sacrificing your mobile goal ability.

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sometimes its better never than late

haha, yeah, just saw this post at the top and replied, didn’t realize this was such an old post.