Need help with Intakes *Urgent*

Our team has a competition this Saturday and we have ran into some issues. When our robot intakes cubes they tend to hop around and bounce out. We have done the following changes to try to fix the issue: adjust compression, change intake flap size and number, change angle of the intake relative to the tray, adjust spacing, added guard rail, and messed around with rubber bands. At this point i am kinda lost. I would really appreciate if someone could help explain how to fix this issue. (Pictures and video are below)
IMG_46431 (upload://dkPlxq84XQYvnk3eD4OonXsAAxp.jpeg)




do you have any videos of the robot intaking?
btw you can put multiple images in one post.


I do have a video just trying to figure out how to attach it, also since i just created this account it said “new member can only post one picture at a time”


post the video on youtube then post the link here


make sure video quality is at its highest quality

it’s the same problem I had. here is what we did to fix that problem:


try making the intakes taller.

what does the plexi glass do? how does it work?

Are your rollers exactly mirror images of each other (e.g. do you have one extra link on one roller)? If not, the rollers might cause a little bit of torquing and throw the cube off balance.

I’m sure others will have advice that could help you better. Other than that, I’d advise just decreasing the angle that you intake at, but I don’t know if you are in a position to do that.


I ensured the intakes are exact replicas but we will try to lower the angle of the tray after this Saturday, thank you tho

they prevent cubes from rolling out of the tray. I saw your intake cause cubes to rotate then roll out, so having some plastic (they need to be attached to the arm and bend slightly inward) around the tray might help


we did try that by using longer standoffs but that did not fix it

how does it not get in the way when stacking the cubes in the zones, does it bend outwards?

since they are not attached to the tray and can flex a little bit, they can get pushed out of the way by tray when deploying stacks

  1. box your arms. The rollers look like they have a lot of slop and bend inwards while intaking, and when the rollers bend inwards the cubes will contact the part of the roller that spins outwards, and hence will pull the cube out of the tray.

  2. Make your sideguards tighter (like closer together). The less slop the cube and the rollers have, the more stable your intake will be. Tighter sideguards will also ensure that the cube will usually remain evenly centered between the two rollers.

  3. Brace your arms together really well. The arms shouldn’t be able to be pushed apart or pulled closer together without exerting a ton of force. I recommend X-bracing, and putting something like a guide where the bottom of the arm contacts the chassis so that when the arms aren’t raised, they are essentially locked into one position.

Basically strengthen everything in your build. The less slop and bending the better


Thank you I will work on bracing tonight

Also can someone tell me what are wings??

Could you provide another angle of the plexi glass guard?