My team and I are wondering what to do for a internal stacker… If you do have a video I recommend it is a building process and not a digital, I also and to know how to ‘cut’ a piece without REALLY cutting it! Thanks! Also, we were looking at a scissor lift so if you do have anything to say about that please also put it down. I have looked around the web but i came up with nothing.

I recommend a dr4b lift 5:1 tq with rubber bands


Just for future reference, never do a scissor… unless you strive to be different and get absolutely fricking a n h i l a t e d at a comp. I’ve been personally running with a 1:7 turbo lift and am planning to swap to 1:5 high speed after seeing 1961U’s superb stacking speeds

Can I add a question?

How would I configure a 4-bar mogo lift so that it runs on one motor? Where would I put that motor?

Make a 3 bar. A 3 bar uses only one bar to punch it forward but still has two pivots. An example would be in the KnightShift x Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 video on YouTube.

At a comp? You don’t even make it to comp, because your scissorlift never works.

Just to clarify, this is still technically a 4 bar. The 4 in “4bar” comes from the 4 sides of a parallelogram, not the 2 sets of 2 bars on either side of almost all lifts.


But there’s only three bars

Look at it from the side. It is a parallelogram. Parallelograms have 4 sides. The 3rd bar that drives the whole thing counts as the 4th bar

Quit being logical and concise