Need help with OpenVex

Is anyone here using OpenVex?

I’m running Mac OS X so I can’t run RobotC or EasyC.

I have my Vexnet Joystick here and I’m trying to download the code onto the controller. I plugged in the programming module USB side into my computer and the wired cable side into the “Program” port.

I ran “Makefile” but the Terminal outputs “Command not found” for “include, all, OBJS, version”

I then DLed PCBSD and installed it in Vmware fusion but when I run “Makefile” it says “error in line XXX”

Not sure what to do now.

This is just a shot in the dark, because I haven’t tried OpenVex yet, but usually you don’t run “Makefile”. You run “make”, which will look in “Makefile” for instructions on what to do. You can also specify a target, like “make all”, or “make clean” to run specific actions out of the Makefile.

When I have some free time, I’ll give OpenVex a shot (I’ve been looking for a Mac OS X friendly option).


  • Dean

It’s been some months now, has any gotten this to work? I’m really interested in using this for my robot projects but it looks extremely complicated to set up. I’ve used several different of Linux & Unix operating systems and I have not come across anything as complicated as this.

First, note that OpenVex currently only supports PIC controllers. Preparations have been made for a Cortex port (the gcc toolchain and a loader are tested), but coding of the firmware has not begun.

For PIC users running OS X or FreeBSD, OpenVex and all dependencies can be easily installed using the development ports collection mentioned at There are also scripts included in the OpenVex distribution for installing under Debian-based Linux and Cygwin.

After that, you’ll need some basic Unix skills, i.e. learn some basic Unix commands, an editor (vi, emacs, ape, Eclipse, …) and how to use “make”. Just editing firmware.c and running “make” should suffice for most users.

There is also a tutorial at [, but I realize that it needs a lot more information for Unix newbies. When time permits…

](, but I realize that it needs a lot more information for Unix newbies. When time permits…)