Need help with sensitivity

Hey guys,
Is there a certain line of code that allows to change the sensitivity of the motor? It would be appreciated if I could stop my robot from killing or maiming my teammates. One just bled out lol.

you can lower the power value. Also it would be helpful to know what the motor is for. hope your team mate is alright.

He’s fine now, thanks for asking, how do you do that

what subsystem is the motor on?

what do you mean? TY in advance

actually better question. is the motor powered by a joystick or a button.

it is operated via button’

well then in your driver code you should have something along the lines of this.

 if(Controller.Button.pressing()) { 
             Motor.spin(direction, 100 , velocity); // whatever value is in the place of 100 can be lowered.


or you may have this


in this case, x can be changed.
hope this helps