Need help with tournament setup for tomorrow

When attempting to connect tournament manager event code setup receiving download error - there was a problem while downloading the event configuration. Check your internet connection and try again later.

Please assist.

Contact your RECF Event Engagement Manager - you should have their cell phone if you are running an event.

RECF staff can not post on this forum…

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hmm. I’ll talk with the lady running the tournament as I am helping out. The installation guide has a reference to post in the tournament manager section of this forum for issue but didn’t see that as an option. Thanks for the reply

I sent you my phone number to help determine best support route.

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I know this is too late, but it could be a school network blocking the download. You can download the event data out of robot events and upload it that way into the program.

Hope it worked out for you.


it did - problem identified and figured out last evening - thanks to amazing ReCF Event Engagement Managers responding immediately, as always.

The event appears it went well… if I figured out the right event :slight_smile:


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