Need help with TT tray bot

We took inspiration from 448x’s ri3d and 1961z’s reveal videos and decided to make a bot similar in style, but we hit a roadblock with the tray. We decided to add a third flip-out tray to be able to stack 9 cubes, but the issue is that we could never get the tray to flip out after the match started. It always gets stuck on the rollers that flip out as well. Does anyone know possible solutions for this issue? I’ve been stuck on this problem for 2 days and the only fix i can see is only to have 2 flip-outs and then adding a passive extender on the second tray, but I have no idea on how to do it on L-Channels.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


@BeyondAiden this is not a vex iq robot, right?

No it’s not, we are using vex EDR and V5

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@BeyondAiden oh sory i coundnt help

@BeyondAiden can you send pics? Maybe a short video?

We used to have this issue previously (1961Z), so we swapped over to a linear segment for our third tray. However, this can be solved by having the third tray sit on top of the rollers rather than being between the two. Our robot had enough space to fit that configuration, but we felt a lighter linear tray would be better.

Edit: I found a video that better describes what I am talking about.


I don’t know if this will help because you didn’t include any pictures but making the 2nd and/or 3rd flip-out tray on the side of the 1st tray opposite to the rollers could fix the problem.

our chassis is 30x30 holes so it probably wont fit, i think if made our chassiis 25x25 i might have some luck doing it. Thanks!

I dont have any pics on me right now, ill def send some when i get it asap. first time posting to forums didnt know how to lol

25x25? You’ll need antitip.

ive been looking at these videos, 30x30 is probably too big, maybe just slightly smaller. Probably have to do a rebuild of the bot :confused:

You can try to see how much you can see (or figure out) from the singvex videos… on 8059a…

Is there a tutorial or some sort of how to make flips? That is what I have been wandering.

Just wondering is 8059 going to have their official reveal that they have at about this time every year? Or was the singvex match the reveal?

Very sorry abt this year… the members were so busy with their school work that they had problem finding time to do a proper reveal.
And that’s the usual issue with reveals… after a Long delay, you start to wonder if there is still any values in doing it (especially when there are many other reveals that were released).

I will check with my students if they are still doing any reveals…