Need help with Vexcode text autonomous (Specifically a problem with the motors and the code)

So our robot won’t do what I coded and I don’t know if it’s the code or the motors. This is my first year coding in Vexcode Text and First Time coding ever.
I’m just really stressed cause our tournament is tomorrow so I really need help.
Thanks in advance

Sorry to ask, but can you use the format to see the coding better for everyone.

I’m new to this forum, what do you mean by format?

i think i know the problem but can u explain what the code is supposed to do and what it actually does (you said it isn’t doing what you want, so what IS it doing?) so i can give a better explanation…

Well what I want to do is get the arm up in autonomous but either the top or bottom motors don’t work when autonomous starts. And the claw will open but it won’t close too.

It’s hard to debug code just using screenshots, best to cut&paste code here inside [code] tags so it’s formatted correctly.
It looks like you have two arm motors, Arm and Arm2. To have them both move together using functions such as rotateTo, the first needs to be non-blocking, see this KB article (which was for VCS but same principle applies).

Also, after your tournament tomorrow, please update VEXcode, you seem to still be using a very early preview, there have been several update since then. When the new version asks to update your project, select “No”