Need help😕

is it possible to download the easy c software from vex or microsoft and if possible how much
thanks for any reply:D

Kind of and “how much” money???

Do you have the Vex Robotics Programming Kit???

You can download EasyC from Intelitek. You have a choice of EasyC 2.x and EasyC Pro. These are both time limited, so you will need to purchase a KEY to keep them active.

What sort of Budget or Time line is involved here? I can give you different options…

i’ll just forget it cause even if i get code theres still the shipping on the cables and im only saving like $20 or losing $30
too much trouble i’ll just save for the one on vex site or hope another auction for programming kit comes up:D

ebay auction VEX PROGRAMMING KIT NO RESERVE!!! Cables Only!!!

Well, that is a close one. If it still works, it would be worth $50.00 plus shipping…