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I am new to Vex, and recently ordered the Vex Legacy EDR Clawbot kit. Once I created the vehicle and used the default code. I ran into a few issues. First and foremost the 6U & 6O buttons don’t do anything, they should make the claw arm go up and down. However the arm does go up and down when I press the 5U and 5O buttons, that should control whether the claw opens and closes. However the the claw does open and close when I push the joystick on the rightside of the controller, up and down but at the same time by doing this, the joystick causes the machine to move foward or backward as it should, like the other joystick. The setup on the cortex looks correct.

Why is this happening, and how can I fix it?

Check where each motor is plugged into the cortex. Do they match up with any sort of guide in the Kit? Perhaps you may need to move the wires to different ports to control the right motors. If that’s not your issue, try coding the bot yourself with EasyC. You’ll find it’s much easier than it may sound.

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If I were to guess, you have your motors plugged into the wrong ports. make sure the motors are in the correct ports and you should be good.

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Which programming langauge did you use? And did you look into using V5 rather than Cortex. V5 is much more suited for competittion. The motors are much more powerful. V5 is easier to Setup and use, the robot brain includes a touchscreen.

If you hit run on the main brain screen, and then just fiddle with the wiring then it should fix it.

I think that’s only for V5. The Cortex doesn’t have a touch screen. Is it the computer which you are refering to?

@Gary12345 's not competing. He’s building a V4 clawbot.

Oh okay, but still V5 is better, and I bet sometime soon V4 will get outdated and very few people will use it. To the point where it’s no longer going to be allowed in competition. In my opinion the V5 kit is of far better value.

I agree with the first few posters- it sounds to me like most likely some of your wires are plugged into the wrong ports on the Cortex. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful (and sometimes frustrating) world of robots!

Thanks, I adjusted where the motors were plugged into in the cortex, and now works fine.

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