Need ideas for rack gear stopper

Hey guys,
Our team is having a brain block for ideas on how to firmly stop a lift running on a rack gear from going too far.
They are getting frustrated because the pegs don’t hold plates in securely enough, and other parts don’t allow it to reach where they need it to.
I’ll try getting pics of the actual robot soon, but for now I’m including a photo of the gears I’m referring to. Screenshot_20191116-095035_Chrome

u got pics??


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u could use codeing but i would use plares but use small shafts and shaft collars also i would add a passive ball intake infront of it if u have the extra space i u think it ud be a good idea let me know i can tell u my idea

Here’s what the back lift looks like

wait u have one of these on each side??

Yes, 1 on front and 1 on back

okay take a big 2X20 and attach it with axles and shaft collars if that doesnt work and the motors are still 2 powerful then use codeing

also what is your length

Pins are almost always the weak point in any design, especially in the direction that they are inserted and removed. For this hard stop, there are two possible ways to improve this.

The first would be to swap out the regular 1x1 / 1x2 / 2x2 Connector Pins for the Capped 0x2 and 0x3 Connector Pins. These pins are a lot stronger at resisting being pulled out, which is why they are used almost exclusively to hold all of the VEX IQ Challenge field elements together.

The second solution would look at the problem in an alternate way. If pins are always easier to pop out than to break, can I use different VEX IQ elements to make a hard stop, so that all of the remaining pins are perpendicular to the direction of force being exerted on the hard stop?

One potential solution to this second approach would be to use a 3x5 Right Angle Beam (along with the Double 2x Wide, 1x2 Corner Connector and 0x2 / 0x3 Capped Connector Pins) to act as the hard stop, like these photos:



If you don’t have any of the 228-2500-271 Double 2x Wide, 1x2 Corner Connectors, you cal also use the 228-2500-220 Double 2x Wide, 2x2 Corner Connectors that come in the Super Kit. The only difference is that the hard stop will be physically larger.


We will definitely try this, it looks great!
We were so frustrated we couldn’t see outside the plates lol

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