Need intake and lift ideas

My team are stuck on finding an intake and lift for tower takeover and we can’t find sturdy looking ones online so if someone could suggest ideas that would be very helpful

  1. this is listed under IQ. Try listing it under edr instead. (Even though you specified it was TT)

  2. there is a lot of stuff on YouTube and the forums. A quick search will turn up tons of results.


ok thanks for pointing that out I’m kind of new to vex forum so thanks

If you are set on making a lifting robot, you have a few options.
you could use a tube lift, which is basically a vertical tube/cage mounted to a lift, like a dr4b or a scissor lift, that either uses rollers or a passive mechanism to intake cubes. A popular variation we’ve seen involves having the cage/tube open and close like a claw to allow picking up entire stacks. You could also use a tray lift, which is a tray with side rollers attached to the end of a lift. This seems to be an increasingly popular design, and I’m starting to suspect it will be the dominant design by mid-season, replacing the current meta of the complex tray. unless that is, some other design comes out.

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This will only be the case if those bots can stack on top of existing stacks, namely because it is very difficult to fit a full-size tray bot on a lift and have it work effectively. Imagine having a 13 cube capacity tray swinging about in the air. Either that, or someone effectively builds a cascading tray with minimal friction.

Either way, I hope we see variety in design. I’d hate to go to competitions only to see everyone has a tray bot.


As mentioned there are a lot of intake designs already out this year, but you can also look at some robots from past games like Skyrise. Rollers, using chain with flaps seem to be the most common atm. Maybe tight rubber band rollers as seen in nbn turning point and itz might also be an option. Generally though, rollers seem to work better than claw mechanisms due to their tolerance with misaligned cubes.


I’ve seen a lot of teams be slightly turned off at the idea of a cascade can you clarify why?
Is it mostly the speed/friction that is the issue?

They’re hard to pull off well, they don’t have good center of gravity, they’re slow, and are hard to accommodate and use on a robot. Generally, they’re pretty bad.


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