Need more room for moters

i need to use ten moters for my next robot build…but there are only 8 slots on the microcontroller. is it posible to use two microcontrolers with only one transmiter?

You can use Y cables to plug two motors into a single microcontroller, that is the only legal way for Vex competitions.

If it’s for something that you are building for fun you can:

*]Use two controllers, one transmitter to each controller
*]Use two controllers, connected via a serial connection
*]Use a controller on one transmitter and the signal splitter on the second transmitter
*]Use Dean’s code to connect a splitter to a controller
*]Use two splitters

If you didn’t need individual control of all the motors at the same time you could use a multiplexer with logic signals from a programmed micro controller to split the signal. (up to 16 or 32 times)