Need Playlists. Book recommandations, Websites for New Vex V5 team


My team did very well in VEX IQ but now has aged out of VEX IQ and will be moving to Vex V5.

The team wants to start learning V5 now, so they are ready for the 2021-2022 season in the fall. We would like to request, the VEX gurus to, recommend some Youtube chanels, websites, books etc that we can start to look at so we can learn V5 specially for building/mechanics.


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Well… the vex forum is a great place to start! You can go back through old posts to get design tips, and ideas from the reveals that are posted. I would reccomend Kepler Electronics’ tutorial on building tips- that’s what taught me to use bearings XD! You can find it on YouTube. I would also recommend the vex knowledge base, that explains simple concepts and devices. If you have any more questions, just ask!


The VEX Knowledge Base has several explanations on VRC concepts/ideas. The V4 classroom curriculum while outdated, has some good tips too. As always the VEX Forum is a great resource where you team can ask questions about VRC.

As for youtube, I would recommend Kepler Electronics (@ KeplerElectronics) as he has some good explanation videos (like on DR4Bs, cascade lifts, ratchets, ect.). There are some other good channels like Taran Mayer’s (@ TaranMayer) (ratchets & differentials) and Connor White’s (programming concepts) too. I would also look at reveal videos (not just from this season) to get good tips on how teams construct their robots (build quality) and to see some of the designs that teams are using this year.

Finally, if any of them have discord, I would suggest having them join the Unnoficial VEX Discord (previously called VTOW) via this link:

I hope that this post is helpful to your future teams. Good luck competing next season!


VTOW is a great resource it has a large amount of teams and people consistently reply. I would also recommend you join the discord VEX CAD server which is a great resource for learning to CAD/design VRC robots.

Lastly, I recommend just asking people. I feel like connecting with people that you see a lot on the forums like @mvas, or people who look like the generally know there stuff and are willing to share their knowledge are really good resources because they want to help people out. So if you ever see a forum thread you have read, but are still confused try PMing the people from the topic, or DMing people from VTOW.


@KeplerElectronics and @Sylvie have great videos explaining a wide variety of vex subjects. KE is a must watch before beginning to design your robot. Even though I’ve seen all of his vids, I watch them for fun because of his great video formatting and explanation style.


Kepler has more subs than me :angry:

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The Wiki is a great source of information, it has almost anything you need to know to perform extremely well


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