Need power switch for cortex

My cortex has an intermittent power switch and I need a replacement.

Anyone have a bricked cortex I can salvage one from or know of a link where I can purchase one.


PS…I havent called support yet.

Hi Chris

The switch is marked 5A/120V. My best guess for a compatible replacement that’s in stock at Digikey would be these. I doubt IFI will give you a part number, they never have before on replacement parts. Take a close look at the datasheet for these parts to make sure dimensions are the same, they certainly look the same. May be a little tricky to desolder as it’s on the power plane, let me know if you need help.



Of the two I would choose the N5008-ND/67056 which has a 6a/120v rating. The measurements seem ok.

The desoldering will be tricky and I would not do it if I had a choice. I will try a high power iron with short duration to avoid melting the internal plane.

Best bet, if a normal solder sucking tool does not do the job, is to cut the leads on the switch so those pins can be removed one at a time. Then there are two more soldered connections holding the switch down, just make sure the iron is hot enough and you should be ok.