Need Rapid Reversal Competition Kit

I hope to use the kits for student VEX coding instruction I’m doing here in Connecticut.
Don 203 430-3141


You mean from this video?

That isnt a real game it was made as an online challenge. Every year teams make a game animation of a potential game, best one wins a prize.

The current VEX game is

Rapid Reversal isn’t an official VRC game, it was designed by teams for the RECF Online Challenge. The game element kits you’re looking for should be for VRC Turning Point (2018-2019).

edit: whoops @tabor473 beat me to a reply haha

Guy’s been looking for these for days.

Fully taken in by the animation. Thanks for the replies. Will need to go with turning point.

If the goal is to have a random game for really cheap and don’t care about it being official game maybe someone could sell you their game kit from last year?

Good thought. Does anyone have available last year’s 2017-18 VEX Competition “In the Zone” Kit for beginning robotics group here in New Haven, CT? reply to:

Should you want a new In the Zone Kit, they are still available to purchase on our website: