NEED Rubber banding HELP!

So we are wrapping up our robot for which we decided to have a 6 bar on top, dr4/6b?, and were wondering how other teams have banded the 6 bar portion. We have tried many different patterns but none of them help the lift go up/ stay in place, but they just push the lift downwards. Any advice helps at this point!

You want to attach the rubber bands to two points on your lift that come closer together as the lift goes up.

If your lift is wanting to go downwards, probably you’re getting the points wrong. Make sure that your rubber bands stretch when the lift goes down, and compress when the lift goes up. Are you doing triangle banding or are you doing a two point rubber banding?

Here is a drawing on how we did the banding for a Dr4to6b


Yes, I agree something like Matt’s drawing depiction would work. You could also experiment with triangle banding to balance out the tension better!

Edit: That works completely fine as well though.