need some help with gear ratios!!

Hello !

I was hoping you guys could help me with a technical issue, so my team is pretty low in funds and time so we will not be able to purchase some pieces i desperately need. Anyway I’ve been looking for alternative solutions and thought you guys might be able to help.

have you guys found any way to turn a regular 2 wire 393 motor (either high speed or torque ) into a "2 wire 393 motor with internal turbo gearing " using only external gearing ?

thanks in advanced to anyone who has a way, even if you dont thanks anyway for reading :smiley:

With the little chain, you can get 2.4 by using a 10 and a 24 tooth sprocket. Although, you might not have it and it may not be strong enough for all applications. What is this for? flywheel? drive?

I would recommend simply looking at gear ratios that are known to work, and finding what the overall gear ratio is (e.g. single flywheel 35:3 with turbo motors, which is

(35 * 2.4) / 3
84 / 3

28:1 overall

Look at what you need, then look at the gears available. It must contain a multiple of 3, 5, and/or 7, since that’s all the gears available. In this case, you can try a 25:1 gear ratio, since that’s the closest one possible.
Now let’s try a different one. We know that a 7:1 gear ratio with 5" wheels and turbo motors can shoot full court. What is the closest gear ratio you can use?

this is for my single flywheel which currently has 4 motors not sure the chain and sprocket would work reliably here

so just to be sure a turbo motor has a gear ration of 2.4 times more than a regular motor?
how about a high speed would that change things?

Speed motors have 1.6 times the maximum speed of torque motors. Look here for that data (compare the output speeds for it).