need some insight

How high should the 1 fly wheel be off the ground, from the ground to the tip of the fly wheel, we are trying to build off of this robot and make it better any idea’s we are also going to but a full ball tower sweeper

The single flywheel looks fine, with the single flywheels I have built I have put them as high as i could for the best ball capacity. I am looking forward to the pyramid sweeper. Just out of curiosity, will it be like our ELEVATED raising intake.

We have two ideas one like yours or a toss up style intake any idea’s?

I personally really liked the 26 style design but I never put in the pneumatics so I have a similar intake to theirs without the pop-up. I never really saw it as necessary enough to put on the pop up portion of it. What we have been doing so far this year is isolating the bonus balls or shooting driver loads.