Need Strategy Immediately

Just finished the alliance selection. In need of strategy IMMEDIATELY.

Towers are pretty good, use those.

Pick a color and get that color! Then put that color in towers.

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Try to make a coordinated auton and plan out who is doing towers and who is focusing on making stacks.


I mean… why are you asking us for help? We don’t know your robot. We don’t know your alliance partner. We don’t know your opponents. You do. Nothing we can say will help you. Only you can, by having scouted earlier in the day, paying attention to how others compete, and spending your time doing said activities and not complaining to us that we need to do it for you.


Dude, no offense, but this is kinda dumb. U went through all of quals without a strategy and instead of thinking u come to us? Think of something urself or give us a bit of time


Depends on your opponent and what bot you have. The main goal is to make them hard to score cubes.

If your opponent has a lift bot, knock down the stacks on the field to make them hard to score
If your opponent has a tray bot, consider making one of the robot do defense & gain towers
Also in your drive team, someone should do real time score calculation and predict scores if you do certain actions

I know your team have a tray bot, so stack quickly and go for towers / defend
Otherwise best of luck

And guess what the tournament was over already

Congrats on getting finalist and robot skills champion

Well this is a small scrimmage with 10 teams only (most of them are crappy teams). Thanks for visiting our ig tho!