Need string expansion ideas

We are in desperate need of an expansion mechanism but we don’t have access to pneumatics and we don’t know how to find an effective way of launching string. If anyone has any ideas that are easy and effective for string expansion it would really be helpful.

Most string launcher designs could be adapted to be deployed by a motor.

You could use a motor to lift a bar and deploy a similar endgame to this:


Do you know what’s forcing the string to be launched?

You could do some type of catapult the uses a slip gear to launch string or use a slip gear that lets go of a gear that is connected to standoffs that shoot the rubber bands connected to the string

So Ive been trying to find a way to do what you said for multiple hours now on protobot and I can’t figure out how to adapt to a motor. Pls help lol

Question do you know how to use a slip gear and how to make one if not I can tell you

Yeah dont you just sand down like half the teeth on the gear and connect that to a motor and then connect the gear to a linear motion gear thingie and add some rubber bands?

basically this right?


you attach a rubber band to the end of the rope, a weight to the other and and fling it like a finger rubber band gun (img)
the index finger is a modified 1x1x35 angle peice

And the ring finger a locking mechanism that can have a motor acting on it
-All the best

Yes that should work but I would improve it

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