Need Teammates

Due to unfortunate timings of events, I will not have any teammates at worlds (except my little brother). I am writing this post in hopes to find someone who is attending worlds without a competition team, and would like to help out on a team. Any help is appreciated becasue it is very difficult competing at worlds as a one man team. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please respond to this post with your discord username. Thanks!


Hey, I’m attending worlds with a team from my school but my personal team didn’t qualify and they have enough members that they don’t need much help so I’m basically free.
I’d be happy to help you out in anyway you need though, be it scouting or whatever.

I know being a one man team can suck.
My discord is Fmaj7add9_ #5226 if you wanna talk it out,


Same goes for me, smurf > bread so go w me instead :wink:… Jk ILY bread but I’m a one man team too it’s tuff

That sucks but I would be careful to make sure no one other than your brother is on your drive team so you aren’t disqualified.

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Wait so since I haven’t had a drive team all year, I can’t have one at worlds?

That is incorrect. You cannot have drive tema members from other teams on your drive team. Non-drive team members form other teams are fine to have on your drive team.


Nah, if someone has been on a team’s drive team previously they can’t be on another drive team.
I believe.

Ah okay good. Join my drive team😉

I’d love to be involved in a drive team at worlds but I don’t wanna risk anyone getting a DQ cause of me

(even tho it’d be pretty funny)

Maybe the GDC will lift the drive team rule in their Worlds update to allow for teams to be the most competitive. Even if they re-instate it int he new manual, I’d like to see the Worlds lift because there is less incentive for teams to swap teams out (to qualify for State, at State, Sig Events, etc.).

The drawback with this rule is that school teams can’t really combine after state anymore.


is it time to complain to RECF again?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No. They already know how the community feels about this rule. There’s no use to trudge it up again. The decision is likely already made regarding Worlds rule changes.

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You’re probably fine.


Oh, in that case I’d be down to join a drive team if someone needs help.

Based on the Q&A @M8R posted, it sounds like if a student permanently changes teams “for reasons including (but not limited to) illness, changing schools, or conflicts within a Team,” they can drive for another team.

I guess it might be good to have a Q&A question to clarify situations like this.

Since the original intent of the rule seems to have been to prevent teams from trying to use the same driver to qualify more than one team for States/Worlds, I’m hoping Drive Team Members will be allowed to join other drive teams for Worlds, at least if their current team is not competing (or if their sister team is in desperate need of more members).

Full Q&A Answer

As always, this rule should be read with <G2> in mind, and the spirit of the answer that was given in VIQC applies to VRC as well. The intent of <G6> is to not allow the same Student driver to operate / compete with multiple Robots across multiple Teams simultaneously. If a Student permanently changes Teams for reasons including (but not limited to) illness, changing schools, or conflicts within a Team, then that Student may drive the new Team’s Robot, regardless of whether or not the Student drove the previous Team’s Robot.

Conversely, a Student driver who is still associated with another Team may not fill in as a “substitute” driver for a single day. VRC does not require more than one Student for any given Match, like VIQC does, so “substitute” drivers should never be necessary.

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