Needed: best on-line tutorial for EasyC

I teach my kids to program using RobotC but I often have teams ask me for help with their EasyC programs. Unfortunately, I downloaded the EasyC free trial some time ago and never really played with it enough to learn how to use it, and now it won’t let me do any more trial periods, apparently. I’ve looked around the internet for “theeee” resource for learning EasyC but I haven’t been able to find something I can simply walk through and get the gist of it. I’m getting the impression you practically have to have a copy of EasyC to get a tutorial for it, but I don’t really know.

I don’t really feel like buying a copy of EasyC just so I can help other people with their problems. Anyone know of a good EasyC tutorial that is accessible for free? :confused:

I have a few tutorials on my youtube channel. Although if you do watch them take with a grain of salt as my younger self wasn’t very knowledgeable. But in them I cover some basic things like driver control and making user functions. Hopefully the are of some help!


From Tech Discussion but v4:

Thanks everyone. I will look into this soon. :slight_smile: