Negatives to "Y-ing" motors?

I hope this doesn’t sound like a stupid question, but I keep on doubting myself

I have always assumed there isn’t, but is there any difference to plugging 2 motors into 1 port using a y cable v.s. plugging the 2 motors into 2 separate ports on the cortex?

I always thought that the extra motor on that port would just pull more amperage from the breaker, making it just as strong and fast as one on a separate port.

I know this is true to a good extent, but is there any negatives to doing this other than both have to be going the same speed? We have 6 motors on our expander so the drive on the 2 cortex breakers have plenty of wiggle room.

Basically, is their any power loss even by a fraction of a volt by y -ing even though by theary they should be the same.

Again, sorry for the grit of this post.

One negative is that you can’t invert one of the motors through the program, you have to do it by switching the polarity of the wires.

The Cortex has 2 4amp PTCs inside, one for motor ports 1-5 and one for ports 6-10. So in terms of current draw, there would be no difference between having 1 motor on ports 1, 2, 3, Y-ing 2 motors off port 4, and leaving port 5 empty, as opposed to having one motor on each port. You will only draw more current if you use a Y-cable to have 6 or 7 motors drawing from the one PTC.

So in short, using Y cables doesn’t do anything to PTCs, unless you are plugging in more motors in total as a result.