Neighboring states VRC competitions?

From what I can tell, looking at previous years archives, MANY VRC teams have been competing in neighboring states competitions since the beginning of VRC.

I just want to clarify:

We are allowed to compete in other states “VRC tournaments” as long as they are not:

  1. Other states TSA tournaments
  2. Other states State championships
  3. Other Leagues

If you have competed in other states in recent please chime in, Thanks.

We had a team complete in a neighboring state for Toss Up. The team was welcomed with open arms and even won a trophy (or two?). :slight_smile:

For smaller states, like the little states you see on the US east coast, competing across state lines is the only way to keep from playing the same teams over and over. It’s about the only way to test out your teams against other strategies and designs, too.

EDIT: I should add that the out-of-state competition was not a championship nor was it a league or anything out of the ordinary VRC tournament.

The ruling from last year (and I see no reason it should change) is that you may participate in any competitions you want out of state except state championships.

EDIT: not sure about leagues, I’m not in a state that does that so I’m not really familiar with the rules. Would guess that you can’t compete in another state’s league, don’t know.

We have competed in other states ever since we started in VEX. The first year we competed, we were the only team in Iowa, so the only competitions we could go to were in the state of Nebraska. They not only accepted us, they helped and encouraged us as we got started. The following years, we started to do road trips and actually have competed in competitions in 6 different states. We found that traveling exposed us to different teams, designs, strategies, etc. More importantly, we met a lot of people we now consider friends. If we went to states which the teams were new or just starting, we would then help the new teams, help the local event partners, etc. and in that way we would help grow vex, which would help the whole program. We never got the feeling we were intruding and were always welcomed. That was even when World Qualifications spots were not assigned to states specifically. Each state had qualification spots per tournament, so potentially we could use up one of the local qualification spots if we won the excellence award or the tournament, and it still worked out for everyone. Last year was the first year where all the qualifications were assigned to state tournaments, which would then be exclusive to the states. We still compete in neighboring states to keep meeting other teams, people, coaches, etc. That has been our experience and it has been a good one.

Other states? Ha! Try other countries!

BC and Washington have worked together from, well, from before there was a VRC, to see VEX competition grow on both sides of the border. It is one of the reasons that teams from this area tend to do very, very well at the major competitions.

As team numbers increased the need to always have BC and Washington teams at every event decreased, but the benefit of working together did not.

Last year we set up a couple of competitions where Washington teams, competing in BC, or BC teams competing in Washington, could qualify for their own provincial or state championship.

Then we wrapped up the local season with the Pacific Northwest Championship at BCIT. There were no world qualifying spots on the line (they had already been awarded)… just tradition and preparation for worlds.

No reason it can’t work… it takes a little effort, but it is more than worth it.


We travel to 5 states every year, we get to see a diversity of robots and go to larger tournaments to get used to bigger events. It is rare to find anyone that would not be open arms in VEX. That mantra is what makes us appreciate VEX!