Nervous About Worlds

So I am with a team from Vietnam, and we got the opportunity to go to worlds because we ended up being the only team from our country. We only have a robot that can stack 2-3 high consistently, and can get the mobile goal into the 5 point zone. I am wondering what we, as a team, can do to support the other teams we are with.


Yeah 2-3 high is barely going to cut it for even early season. Just build a drive with all your motors.

I’d definitely focus on defense, as taking points away from the opponent does help out your ally

Getting a couple of your own goals back into your zone can free up your teammate to worry about making stacks, rather than chasing mobile goals all game. If you do that fast as possible then play some defense you can definitely be an asset to your team. Good luck at worlds and remember to have fun and learn a lot to take back with you.

Thanks for the tips guys, will focus on helping out our allied team :slight_smile:

which division is your team in?

Hoard mogos :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

In addition to focusing on mobile goals and defense, also make sure your driver(s) get as much practice as they can.

I hope you have success, learn a lot, and have a great time.

Can you guys stack on the stationary goal?

If so, I think making sure that you attain high stack (even with a couple cones to give your alliance the advantage early on) on there will be a great advantage towards your alliance, but otherwise i agree with the above comments as to defensive strategies and making it easier for your teammate to score.

Another thing you might consider is using your time towards getting a really good auton, one that scores your max cone potential onto a mobile goal and puts it in a zone. This will really help you gain an advantage in you matches.
Best of Luck!

Good luck! Learn a lot!

I don’t have to worry about worlds. I’m not going!

76209G in the Technology Division.

Focus on an antonymous and play defense for your alliance.

You may want to read the updates on defensive play. I don’t entirely discourage it, but you should be very careful in engaging with mogos and such, since teams can now literally flip over cagebots/defensive bots.

Damn… That’s savage… I almost want to try this just to see out bot get flipped over… that would be awesome.

Honestly… think this ruling is a bit over hyped.
I mean, all along defensive robots are not given any protection, so there is actually no difference between this year and previous years.

And since this year most lifts are optimised to pick up one cone (of about 100g) at a time, I would really like to see how do they manage to flip a robot with that.

Really still no different except it gives the blocked player more room to get their goals back. Defense is still going to be valuable in blocking.

Make sure that your teammate always has a mobile goal available to them. Also make sure that since you are unable to score, that you make sure that your teammate has room to score. If the other team is playing defense on your teammate, do your best to stop it. If you are against two offensive robots, play defense to hope to make the match effectively a 1v1. Also if possible, use a defensive auton.

We actually have a match with you! Don’t underestimate the value of a defensive auto and defensive play in general. A strong drive, especially if have 6 motors, can play defense very well. See you there!