Netting for Expansion Blocker

After looking in the game manual for a long time I was not able to find anything about the netting that teams such as 21417A. There was nothing listed about cloth or netting regulations under .

I was wondering what were the rules about using cloth or netting, and what types were legal. I was also wondering where I could acquire similar product.

This anti-slip mat Is listed as a vex legal part on the website and is what we use for our blocker.


Although I thought about that, that is not what 21417A used. Also, I was wondering if you were haveing any problems with the material not being tough enough.

Can you provide picture of what they used?

I can think of ways of making legal nets out of string - you just have to be patient and know how to tie knots!

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Sorry, I think I have been mistaken. @Hayden_24816C you were right about the Anti-Slip mat. At first, it looked like some black netting, but after looking at a few more clips I think it is the Ant-Slip Mat. I was confused because in the video while it was moving it didn’t look like the Anti-Slip mat.


You are correct - it appears to be anti-slip mat - a clever use!

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