Neural Net Bot

So, given the recent discussions about an AI chatbot on the forum I thought I would show a little of where that has come from over the years. I started AI/Neural Network research in '87 for my CpE masters, undergrad bachelors in eng is BME/EE. Really wanted to make something fun so I took a standard Ford RC kit, mounted a polaroid sensor on it, crafted a crude opto-tach and ran it on a small 8-bit motorola micro, a 68HC11A1 I believe. Only had a few Kbytes to work with but was able to have a NN function as the driving control without issue.

IMG_8208 IMG_8209 IMG_8210 IMG_8211 IMG_8212

Then went to working with MRI image classification for tumor analysis in 90/91 doing NN training and execution on a PDP-11.


Nowadays it looks like TensorFlow is all the rage, seen by the Tensor Processing Unit I saw at Google Next a couple weeks back.


Haven’t worked on AI/NN since 93, but started a PhD back up this year in BME to focus on AI/NN/biological processes. Really neat stuff.

Interesting how it has evolved into ChatBots, not what I envisioned at all back in '90 :slight_smile:


I’ve been tempted to try out Donkey Car, which seems like a modern take on what you did in the past:

Looks like fun…


That looks really cool, would be easy to put uTensor on it, maybe they already do.

Th one thing I did a little different was I wrote a simulator for it on a PC for a NN tutoring algorithm so the net wold train from scratch as it drove. There was no “expert” except for the given that if it got within 1" of a wall it had done something wrong.

I guess the other notable difference was it was assembly language instead of Python :wink: