Neutral Zone

Are all robots allowed to enter the neutral zone or can no robots enter it?

I believe it is legal to cross the Neutral zone. Here is a video where a robot does so and I did not see the refs call any warnings/DQs (Look in the middle/bottom of the projector screen and also pause right when the video starts, it should start at 1:16).

I think it’s more based on the the mats, like if you touch mats on the other side.

Well, the relevant rule <SG6> reads as the following:

Now, the question ultimately comes down to which of the following interpretations is correct:

A. Robots may not make contact with any foam tiles that are a part of their own Zones. (IE, even if part of the tile is outside the Near Zone as is the case right under the fence, the robot may not touch any part of that tile at all)


B. Robots may not make contact with foam tiles in the area in which they are a part of a Zone. (IE, touching the part of the tile that is right under the fence is legal, but touching the part of the tile on the other side of the tape line is illegal).

My personal hunch is that B. is the intent of the rule, but I am going to ask this in the official Q & A for clarification because this question has just made me realize I might’ve assumed too much :stuck_out_tongue: