New 4" Wheels

Hi, does anybody know when the new high strength shaft compatible 4" wheels will be released and for sale? They’re listed as a new product on the VEX site, but as far as I know they aren’t for sale yet.

They like their secrecy. It gets annoying when you want to order parts and aren’t sure if you should wait for the new ones to become available or not.

I don’t really think VEX wants to keep the release timeline of the products a “secret”, we already know what they are anyways, it is more because they don’t want to give out any firm date and risk not meeting it if there are delays. But maybe we could get a vague idea if we’re looking at seeing them soon or if might still be a few months?

Just order what you need now, leaving out any parts that can be replaced by the new ones. Once they’re available you can order them then, and as the minimum for free shipping at Idesign and Robotmesh is just $50, it shouldn’t be a problem to reach that with the new parts, putting you at no disadvantage placing two orders.