New addition to BO3

Knowing all of the “Bring BO3 Back” stuff, i just remembered, shouldn’t we have 3 team alliances back too? So maybe we can call it “Bring BO3 and 3TA back”? Look at the image below|

Nah, 3 team alliances encouraged a lot of throwing and generally bad behavior. Plus they resulted in bad teams qualifying to states and worlds, which just lowered the quality of those events. Personally, my favorite elimination system would be 8 or 12 2 team alliances and bo3.

I really want to do a combination of Bo1 and Bo3. The finals would be Bo3, but maybe the ones before would be Bo1. Doubt it will change, at least for this season.

@Mark Finley +1

This thread has a lot of really good ideas on it about how a different tournament system could be formatted:

I just realized that the Bring Back Bo3 image looks like the Supreme logo, I assume this is on purpose?

yeah, u r right

Best compromise there is. Maybe next year we’ll get it