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I know none of the 590 teams really go on the forums. I mainly ghost here on this platform but it’s time I made a post for once. I’d like to announce that our Z team which is comprised of me and 2 others are forming an Alliance. We’re calling it Coastal Alliance and our only requirement as of now is being a reasonable distance within a large enough body of water (a lake, sea, channel, ocean). As of now, we’re not expecting much to come from the alliance but if more teams join and are active, we could be proven wrong. If you are interested you can contact me on my Discord profile Cha0s_DN#4592 or join the server @Coastal Alliance and then me or the other owner will speak to you from there.

Thank You,
Daniel “Cha0s” Nguyen

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Besides the obvious location similarities, what makes the Coastal Alliance unique? Is there something special about how you all interact or anything?

The Rising Tide Alliance is all about teams helping teams, specifically on the lower levels of competition.

The Short Circuit Alliance is all about bringing together minds to come up with something creative, unorthodox, and innovative.

So what’s the goal of the Coastal Alliance?


In all honesty, right now we’re not expecting anything unique as of now. This is because of the few teams we have so far. We would rather not take things too seriously, knowing other alliances would be much better suited for that. Now, our main goal is to compile a bunch of teams together in a less stressful, more relaxed environment to discuss and hangout on Discord.


So it’s mostly just to bounce ideas? And meet other teams?


Does the Salt Lake count?

Yes you are correct, just to hang out and collect ideas, nothing serious for now.

Indeed it does, we don’t have actual numbers for how large a lake should be but the Salt Lake does count.

Would the great lakes count as being a large body of water?

The Great Lakes are well within our criteria.

He we got a bawlin’ pond/creek combo by our house, whatcha think?

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well I got a glass of water in my room soo…
but seriously why just coasts? I understand being selective about region or competitiveness and whatnot, but just coasts?


On paper I would say no, but I’m willing to be lenient. :slight_smile:

I really don’t know dude, it was just a funny idea that we had come up with at the time.

ok sure, why not I guess.


Where is your team from? Is it anywhere close to the Michigan/Ontario area. My team is from Toronto.

We’re from Texas down by the Gulf of Mexico. Kinda sandwiched in between Houston and Galveston.


Oh dang I’m in Houston lol

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