New Aluminium Kit

There is a new aluminum metal kit listed on vexlabs any opinons?

My b-day is in a couple of weeks and I am psyched. I am totally going to buy the aluminum. It will make grabbers easier on the servos because they will have to lift less. It is a great addition to the vex line.:cool:

When do we get the Titanium parts??? :smiley:

Titanium really ROCKS!!!

lol :slight_smile:

i think i might get them, but i might have to wait for the gold-plated parts. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, the aluminum parts look to tempting to pass up, i think i might just buy myself an early christmas present, lol!!


i think ill ask for them at christmas time.

i know that you get alot of metal pieces with the kit but to me it seems a little expinsive, $100 dollars for aluminum pieces?
though if i was given a choice between the hardware kit and aluinum kit i’d pick the aluminum kit
it sure would be great to have

darn i wish i was a millionare

i have been thinking about getting c-channels, and now they come in aluminum so… i think i will get them. ill post how they work once i start using them.

i think they should sell the alumanim pieces seperate

Robokid has a point…seperating the parts will make it cheaper…:cool:

Also you won’t need to get extra parts you don’t need.

good point. hopefully VEXLABS will acknowledge this idea. maybe in a year they will separate them.

Not trying to sound like I take everything too literally, but Ill pass on gold plated ones, they’d be too heavy and cost too much.

i think aluminum would be nice but I probally wont buy it due to lack of money on my account

good point cannons. and they wouldnt be all that strong, compared to steel or aluminum.

Yay! Im right for once!

I think gold plated wouldn’t be chosen for its strenght or weight, it would be chosen because its GOLD! one of those things you would do just because its awsome.
but i agree, its not very practical

true, true. just get some gold-plating on your bot and it wouldnt matter if it was terrible, BECAUSE ITS GOLD!!!