New angler design?

Recently I came up with a new angler design using sliders and i havent seen it anywhere yet so i thought id post it.

-cleaner looking
-cleaner feeling, seems to be easier to do?
-sliders are heavy (would have to use custom sliders)
-maybe it wouldnt be able to lift 9-10 cubes (less torque)
-takes up a lot of space and limits the flip out

idk, maybe you guys can use it or be inspired


I for one cannot view it, either in the video uploaded or the link(try embedding the link is a piece of text, or adding a space between it and the last word)


fixed lol sorry my b

New problem


fixed again idk why the others didnt work

Still not fixed for me, but I think I get the idea.

Diagonal line the tray, green and black line the slider, black circle motor output

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Now it works.

The slider looks good, and clean as you said. One thing I do notice is that the slider gives the least amount of torque at the lowest angle, which would be problematic with a bigger cube load and longer slider arm.

Limiting the flip out is not a huge deal, and that can be easily changed by lengthening the slider arm. Limiting the flip out is also beneficial is many ways, as once you get close to 90° the tray rotation gets as slow as possible.

It seems to work fine with the regular Vex sliders as is, but I dont know how long that would last or how much friction there is under load. That being said I dont know how current custom sliders handle loads from the side.

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i can confirm that our current customs would most definitely handle this better (srry no leaks tho lol)

try now gameoa said it works, and its of the opposite of what you said, you gotta look to see but its really not that.

Generally, Gameoa is right.

If you start from a higher angle and slide downwards, the torque required to move a high load would be reasonably compensated for as once you give the system angular momentum, the required force decreases (as well as overcoming the force of static friction).

Also, to use this over the traditional tilter, you’d need to have a very smooth and near-frictionless slider otherwise the friction force would work against you to a significant degree. It’s important to note that this design doesn’t give you any greater mechanical advantage than the traditional tray and it is arguable that it decreases mechanical advantage as the radius pivot constantly decreases as the tray pivots forward. However, you eliminate slop which the traditional design suffers from (inherent in screw and axle joints).

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I like that design. It looks cool for sure. Would love to see it, although I believe it’s more of a thing for advanced teams who have time on their hands, because as you stated the only pros are really just the thing looks cleaner.
While we’re on using sliders for tilters, I’ll leave this.

The tilter is that line running straight down the middle of the bot
It was just a test and has its issues of too much slack, as well as being rather slow, but with refinement, it could be feasible.
It uses worm gears and linear slides to move the tray. Also fits really nicely in a small space, very compact as well.


Do you have skipping issues at high torque?

No, the whole thing is wrapped by steel, so nothing skips or anything

yeah i was just about to build this type of version when i thought of this, and actually it only took me around 10 minutes (tbf i had a gearbox setup already cuz i was going to build the other one, and this is my 4th angler this season or smth, but i understand the point)

if you dont mind me asking, whats the stick poking up in the bottom right of the picture (presumably back left of the bot)

The stick was just to hold the radio higher up. Not needed and doesn’t have another function

oh ok lol i thought u guys figured out some meta for stacking or scoring

you should stick to it, you may be the only one with a tilter of that design. I say you should keep it and improve it as much as possible. But if it does not work out in the end, then change it. I looks good.

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sorry for the late response, but we actually ended up switching back the day of, like 10 minutes after this video. the torque required for sliders as your angler is so much more compared to the regular design, especially if you do the geometry right in the regular design.