New app available!!!

we’re a robotics group who has decided to create an app which will help you in the basic calculations needed for your robot. Here’s the link if you want to download it: here .
Right now you can calculate:
-Velocity at which ideally your robot would run
-Torque of the robot
-Torque between two gears

You will also find an index of all the gears available in the VEX store.

We would really appreciate any suggestions for a further improvement and more calculs you would like to see in a near future.

MARS develoPers

Not right now 'cause it’s a different programming language.

This app pains me to use. Why do you have ads on it. why are the ads so excessive. why are the options in everything so limited. why is your name and email taking up ~1/4th of the screen every time the menu is opened. why are there so many ads???

Did you pay for the app? If not, I am guessing the ads are there because it is free.

I understand that
I think that with such a simple app, I don’t see the point in having ads for 3 equations packaged in an app that looks like it was made in 20 minutes.

We had to pay to hang it on Google Play and we are reducing the amount of adds appearing. We’re sorry if it seems like an extreme amount, we hope that with the last update it has been solved. We’ve been working on this app since the competition ended in Spain so it’s for quite a while now but there’s always room to improve and that what we’ll try.

Moreover if you have any idea of another calcul you would like to see in our app we’re open to add it.

Thanks for the feedback.