New attachment Rule question

The rule about not being able to use things such as glue to attach your robots together has been revoked. Does this apply to welding your robot together as well? I have a small amount of experience with welding and this would be useful to be able to do.

Summary: Can you use welding now?

Which rule ?

<R15> still says

e. Welding, soldering, brazing, gluing, or attaching parts to each other in any way that is not
provided within the VEX platform is not permitted.


Okay, sounds good. Thanks for the clarification.

Just curious - what led you to believe that such a significant rule change was made?


Our Robotics team has a discord, and one of our members thought that a change for VEX U was also a change to VEX V5, And I wasn’t sure whether or not that rule change applied to welding. I was pretty doubtful though so I figured I’d ask before I start making our robot illegal.