New Awsome Robot Challenge!

The new challenge is this: To make a robot that is better than mine. It must do the following:

  1. Shoot airsoft from an automatic airsoft gun
  2. Be manuverable
  3. Go over rough terrain
  4. Can be hit by airsoft bb’s and not be damaged
  5. Must be made by April 20, 2007

Post your comments/questions
Also, post your pictures of your robots in the Vex Gallery under “Robots”

I will not be doing this challenge, but to make it so that the airsoft pellets will not gadmage it you would have to surround it in 25X5 plates, right? I think a good gesign would be a tank, and instead of a turret, have a gun.

Wierdest thing - my grandfather made one of these just for fun a few months back. He aslo included a wireless camera, so that he could use it from his office, watching the video feed on his tv. Flip through the pics -

rebelyell2k5, i have to say that is the best airsoft vex robot i have seen. i think that might beat yours, GGCO

I think rebelyell already has this challenge won. the robot is impressive and includes many extra features.

hasn’t this already been done many times?

Took the airsoft gun off and put a Splatmaster Paintball gun on it. Original iteration had to have the bolt pushed in after each shot.

Latest iteration includes a gear assembly that pushes the bolt in after each shot.

I remain, rebelyell2k5’s grandfather.

you took the self-cocking gun into effect
ty its so awesome

That’s some intense gearing. How long does it take to ****? Silly forum thinks I’m using a bad word…

when i multiplied the problem on calculator it gets a good 24 times more torgue

That’s some intense gearing. How long does it take to ****? Silly forum thinks I’m using a bad word…

Takes about 4-5 seconds to push the bolt in.

when i multiplied the problem on calculator it gets a good 24 times more torgue

36 teeth -> 60 teeth 6 times. I do not have the tools to measure the amount of pressure necessary to push the bolt in. It takes two hands, one on the gun and one pushing the bolt in. I would guess at about 15-20 lbs of pressure. I also had to bolt the last two gear assemblies together with some lock bars so the gears would not strip out on the square shafts.

That sounds like some real heavy duty stuff. 15-20 lbs! Someone ought to put that ratio to push a bar out= pushing other robots out of the way.

That would only work if your robot weighed more than the competitions robot.

big, lol, how would it move, if i only have 6 motors??? most would be on the gun!

wow, thats pretty cool. thats the first reloadable non-automatic airsoft/paintball vex robot i have seen. :cool:

It really is neat to see something like this. I’m buying my own personal vex kit saturday and I might try something like this because square bots are lame

Here is mine:

I also have a great idea for a competition for war bots

Each robot must have standard targets on them that are attached to a bumper switch.
When the bumper switchs/targets are hit it disables parts of the warbot, such as the turret or the drive.
When all of the targets on a robot are hit, they lose.

Robots should have a wireless camera and all operations would be remotely operated, so you cant see where your opponent is except through your robot. This would be extremely entertaining to do and to watch! Of course you may want to make a shell for your robot so the bb’s dont ruin your camera or your electronics ect.

Is anyone else interested?

That’d be cool but if you tried to do it in a school, public building, etc. there would be legal liabilities.

What about a parking lot like a commuter parking lot on the weekends when its empty.