New base

Hello my team is 4768 b . We were wondering if some one can halp us with desinging a 2 motor drive. We need help to find a quick fast but strong drive bevause on our recent robot our drive was not stron and we had a lift . so it ended up bending and that was horrible . so please we would appreciate if you helped us. Ps I will post a pictue of my sketch to see if it seems good or not. . thank you .

I wouldn’t recommend a 2 motor base for NbN. You are gonna have to have 4 if you want it to be quick but strong

What do you mean by strength exactly? The situation you described just sounds like your drive had a lot of flex and wasn’t very sturdy. If you were having problems with stability, consider adding some c-channels to connect both sides of the drive.

Also, a 2 motor drive isn’t going to do very well in NBN. Since(I’m assuming) you’re going to have a lift and a lot of weight on your robot, you’ll be putting a lot of stress on those motors whenever you drive. Honestly, I’d recommend just using 4 high speed motors 1:1 on 4 inch omni wheels. Pretty fast and offers a decent amount of pushing power.