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I am thinking about replacing my 4 motor 4 wheel base with a 4 motor 6 wheel drive base, would this be a good idea for tipping point, if so what would be some gearing ratios I could use

Well I guess that would mean less torque. Tbh I think a 1:1 ratio 200 rpm 4 motor 4 wheel is the only way to do this game. You can get the auton point, and you have enough torque to go against anyone you want and not immediately get pushed on your side. But if you’re gonna go for it I’d say a torque ratio is smarter than speed.

How does increasing the amount of motors on the drive decrease torque?

I strongly disagree with this. Even 4 motor drives have more than enough torque for almost every vex game, and you should never gear it below 200 rpm.

Now to answer the question, I would recommend that you gear 3:7 from a 600 rpm cartridge or 7:5 on a 200 rpm cartridge if you are using 4in wheels. This provides a large amount of speed while also allowing for parking ability. If you are using 3.25in wheels, I would do 3:5 from a 600 rpm cartridge or 5:3 from a 200 rpm cartridge. Both of these should allow you to park while also keeping decent speed. However so be aware that there are many more factors with parking than torque, so even if you have a drivebase that has enough torque it still may be unable to park. These problems were outlined in another of your threads, so look there if you still have issues.


He didn’t say to increase the motors, he said to increase the wheels.meaning less energy going to each wheel (or so I believe, I’m not an engineer)

I don’t think energy goes “to each wheel”, really. All the motors are working together.


It would have more speed and less torque if you are okay with that and you made or made not get up on the platform. If your whole team is okay with it then yes.

The OP isn’t increasing motors, only increasing the number of wheels.


6 wheel drives are usually only used when a strategy is extremely prone to defense from the side. In most cases, they don’t make a notable difference. You will get much more out of keeping your bot as is and practicing more with it.


Having 6 wheels would definitely be harder for the motors than 4 wheels. Everything that spins with the wheel creates friction, therefore slowing the motors down. Let me just sum it up for you:
6 wheels
-more traction
-less power

4 wheels
-less traction
-more power

Also, i am guessing that you are using omni wheels. When the robot is turning, the little wheels on the omni wheel are also spinning, making a lot more friction than you think. Make your decision based on your opinion! our robot has 6 wheels to have better traction to park.

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thats not really the reason. each wheel has less individual power, yes, but they still have the same combined overall. Increasing amounts of wheels would not impact torque, but would increase traction.

question, why is this labeled under Chit Chat/ Rumor Mill? its clearly a robotic realted question that could qualify a more important sounding tag. but maybe thats just me.

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