New Bot!!!

i’m trying to build a robot that can cross a one foot gap. the design that i have is based on a cantelever sort of construction. a weight (probably a 2 lb, the brain, and the battery) will be mounted in a moving platform. thse will slide over a certain part of the robot that will allow it to stay balanced an the back wheel (or tank tread) hopefully it will cross, then the weight will switch over to the other side.

i need help trying to figure out how to shift the weight from one side to the other.

thanks for your help!

if you have linear slides ( you could do it with out much effort if you have a chain and sproket set you could create an arm ([ its about half way down the first page using the angle 1x1 you got in the starter kit
if you can i might try to build a 3 ft bot that wouldn’t need any shifting of weights

just my random thoughts]( its about half way down the first page using the angle 1x1 you got in the starter kit )

Use a piece of chain and one sprocket on either end and a motor on one of them to pull it it will work like a pulley. Another option would be to mount a small wheel and a motor on it that would rest in a track and would pull the weight.

cool i hope you post some pics

well how many parts do you have?? if you took 2 long beems and made a little platform with 4 wheels and with 1 motor connected to an axel to move th platform back and fourth like a track:D

That would be a pretty cool bot! You might be able to combine the linear slides with the track drive kit and drive the bottom of the robot out over the gap and to the other side, then the rest of the bot over. This would be like having a three foot bot, so there is not really a reason for this.

i just finished my bot, however i still need some extension cables for the tank tread motors.

also, i really dont know how to post pictures or anything, so please help!

If you have your own site just post a link and put the pics and video on the site.

do you have the pics on ure pc if you do go and post a reply and look for the butten that looks like a paper clip then a small box will pop up and itll say upload from your pc or enter url there is a browse butten click on it and look throught ure pc and find the pic and click upload then click subbmit reply and ure done or at the bottem there is a butten that says manage fille attachments it also does the same thing and if you cant get them on here email them to me at so i can save them to my pc and ill do it for you good luck