New brain startup failure mode

Today we have observed an interesting failure mode with V5 (using the production HW):
With a fully charged battery, the brain didn’t turn on.

  • Pressing the button the battery has shown 4 green LEDs.
  • Pressing the button on the brain has caused the battery to flash those 4 green LEDs too.
  • But the brain never started, not even after loooooooooooooooooong press, no matter what combination of brain and battery button clicks and holds we tried.
  • Re-plugging the battery made no difference
  • Replacing the power cable made no difference.
  • Replacing the brain (!) made no difference.
  • When we replaced the battery for the one from Beta, the brain booted OK.
  • But after returning the production, fully charged battery, no sign of life again.

Ultimately, the solution was the small hidden reset button on the battery, pressed by an unwould paper clip.
Interesting, since the battery was not stuck or unresponsive - the LEDs did react to stimuli.

Note to the teams: Pack a bunch of paper clips (none of the screwdrivers we had in the shack would fit the battery reset hole)

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this keeps happening with us, we have to reset the battery every time and it happens very frequently and i hope it stops or there is a fix.