New Brain Tether Functions

Our Robotics Leadership Team ( The Team that runs tournaments for this season ) are moving to this newer brain setup . Does anybody know the specifications for the Field control towers , as I want to work on making a pi mount so that way the brain sits on the top section of the field control post , then have the pi mount below it , so that way we only need to have a compact cable tower .

I don’t believe there is a specific tower for using this system. At Worlds, towers were not used at all, in this case the driver cables were just cabled-tied to the edge of the field.
However, if you have fields on the floor rather than raised, then using the old towers would still work fine.

The V5 Brain and Pi could be anywhere, but it is helpful for it to be mounted somewhere where the head referee or field tech can see it as the screen displays useful information to help teams troubleshoot at the field. The best solution is probably to mount your Pi and Brain to the back of your field timer monitor stand.


Velcro is your friend - tape them to the back of your field monitors :slight_smile:

As for cables to alliance stations, had one break during tournament Oct 30 - would recommend pass through RJ11 coupler strapped to a post and strain relief zip ties.

Make sure to have spare 8m V5 smart cable on hand.


For our events, we built these competition field modules, where all of the electronics to power a field (pi, v5, monitor, network switch, and camera for live stream) are all attached to the back of the field monitor. This system is super flexible and lets us set up much quicker and cleaner than previous tournaments.