New Building Hardware in V5 Kits!

In addition to the V5 Electronics, there has been a bunch of new hardware released in the V5 Kits!

I saw this thread, and it brought some of these new parts to my attention. Thanks @[TVA]Connor ! However, it only talked about 1 kit, and it didn’t have a complete list of new parts, so I decided to make this thread.

There is a bunch new building hardware in these kits:
V5 Classroom Starter Kit
V5 Classroom Super Kit
V5 Competition Starter Kit
V5 Competition Super Kit

Hex Nut Retainers in 3 styles:
1-Post Hex Nut Retainer w/ Flat Bearing
1-Post Hex Nut Retainer
4-Post Hex Nut Retainer

2x2x2x20 Steel U-Channels (C-Channel, but 2 units wide instead of 1 unit. There are 2 used in chassis of new clawbot, and there is 1 used as a crossbar holding the clawbot lift towers.)
2x2x14x20 Steel Angles (One side wall is 20 units long, and the other is 14 units long. This forms what is basically a 14 long angle with plates that are 3 units long on either end. These are used as cross braces in the new clawbot that the V5 Brain mounts on.)
1x3x1x35 Aluminum C-Channel (I am not sure this is new or not. I know there was Steel C-Channel like this before, but I think Aluminum is new.)
1x1x35 Aluminum Angles (Small and light stuff!)

There are red gears and white wheels. This fits into the new V5 Color scheme.
Star Drive screws aren’t new, but these are the first kits (I think) that exclusively use them
There is also Mecanum Wheels included in the V5 Classroom Super Kit

Tell me if I am wrong on any of these, and reply with additional new hardware spottings!

Thanks! This helps!

These were already available in aluminum. I’m not sure for how long, but more than a year.

Are the wheels and gears going to be red, as shown in the photos?

As what I have heard yes, the wheels will be black and grey/white according to the pictures, and the gears will be red. This may be a rumor though.

I don’t see any aluminum angles, am I looking in the wrong place?

Look at the 3rd item here:

Thanks, they have aluminum c-channels in the c-channel page, but they do not have aluminum on the angle or rail pages for whatever reason.

Yeah, we aren’t quite sure if they will be available to buy separately, but I think they will be when August comes.