NEW Competion Super Kit FOR SALE

NEW in the box Super Kit and Starter Kit available. Not looking to make any money will sell for retail. Message me for details.

Are tiles still available?

Best to direct message the offer two weeks later.

All interested parties should direct message offer and original poster should delete, or edit title to indicate offer done.

(post deleted by author)

would not post my email address in public forum
pm instead…


Flagging this just to save you from randoms finding your personal email


Hey @JohnV, I’m looking to create a VRC team and I desperately need a kit. All the kits are backordered on VEX website. I am willing to pay the full price plus shipping costs. Let me know if you’re selling.

how do I dm him? I don’t know how to dm.

Click their name, then click message.


You might be too new to DM, but since you pinged him, he might DM you.

yeah I am new that’s probably why

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